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Wednesday, July 30th, 2014
2:15 pm
There's a surprising amount of confusion in the English world between the words "hung" and "hanged".
It's an understandable confusion, but it's also easily clarified by the concept of Causative Verbs.

Some verbs are actions that take place or exist in and of themselves -- or, better said, some verbs represent actions or states of being which a thing performs (more or less) alone.
A good example is  "Fall"

I fall when I drink too much.  Last week, I fell into a pool.  I have never fallen into a pile of manure.

Those actions are performed by the subject and have no direct object.  They are self-contained.  The following, however...

I fell trees for a living.  I felled three trees yesterday.  I have never felled a redwood.

These actions are performed by the subject but have direct objects without which the sentences would probably not make sense.
I'm actually not a grammar expert, but I'd like to believe that I have a good, intuitive feel for rules and patterns, so let's apply that to "hang"

An apple hangs from that tree.  Three apples hung from that tree yesterday. Pears have never hung from that tree.

No direct object needed up there.  However:

They hang horse-thieves for their crimes.  They hanged one yesterday.  They have never hanged someone for jaywalking.

"hang" with a past tense "hanged" is a causative verb (just like "fell" with past tense "felled"), because this is a verb that causes an object to perform the action of its non-causative counterpart.  Better said,  "I hanged him" = "I caused him to hang" = "I did something and, as a result of that, he hung".
So, of course, a person can hang.  We can say that  "He hung by his toes", but, if we're focusing on the cause of his predicament, we must say  "They hanged him by his toes."
But I say that an inanimate object demands the same grammatical treatment.
I hanged the laundry up last week, and it hung on the line for three days.

There is an interesting facet of the causative verb:  Typically (and traditionally), it is a regular verb.
Hang-hung-hung is irregular, but hang-hanged-hanged is regular.
Fall-fell-fallen is irregular, but fell-felled-felled is regular.  This same pattern applies to German.  It may be the same in other Germanic languages, but I don't know.  I also see that the system is somewhat broken in English.  Take, for example:

Sit-sat-sat not causative ...  and  Set-sat-sat   causative ...   If I set something on the table, I cause it to sit.
Lie-lay-lain not causative ...  and  Lay-laid-laid    causative ...   If I lay my weapons down, I cause them to lie on the ground.

I say that the system is somewhat broken in that "set-sat-sat" and "lay-laid-laid"  are not truly regular verbs.  The latter is close, but the former is way off.  Interesting, but not a surprise.  English is full of inconsistencies.  Anyway, "setted" would sound silly, and "lay-ed" went out of style with all those other "bless-ed" past tenses.  If I were to reconstruct the words based on their German counterparts, I would write them so:
Sit-sat-set not causative ... and  Set-setted-setted.  causative

But enough of those verbs.  There are some others that catch my eye.  Whenever I notice that there are two (or more!) different possible past tenses for one verb, it makes me wonder... could this be evidence of a dying causative verb?  Let's see what we can do...  I don't put these forth as 100% certainties, but as my suspicions and musings.

The moon shines brightly tonight.  But the sun shone more brightly.  The sun has always shone more brightly than the moon.     Not causative.  No direct object required.
I shine my flashlight at the criminal.   I shined it in his eyes to blind him.  I have never shined a laser pointer at anyone.    Causative.  Direct object (flashlight, laser pointer) required.

I wake to the sound of birds every morning. I woke and heard thunder last night. I have never woken during a tornado.
I wake my kids for school every morning.  I waked
them earlier yesterday.  I have never waked them in the middle of the night.

Now, that last one is a bit trickier, because there seem to be about a thousand different -- very similar -- verbs:  Wake, awake, waken, awaken.. and past tenses:  waked, awakened, awoke, wakened.  I'll leave that one alone for now and bring attention to another one of interest to me:

plead-pled-pled    or   plead-pleaded-pleaded ?   When the former, though long condemned as incorrect grammar, has been in use for hundreds of years alongside the latter, I have to wonder if there's not a legitimate reason?  Could it not be that "pled" is the standard past tense of "plead", and that "pleaded" is the past tense of a causative form, a word meaning "to cause something to plead"?  Perhaps when we "plead our case", we are causing our case to plead?  If that is true, then we should have "pleaded our case", and our case should have "pled for understanding".

One last example -- and this one just for fun -- is visible in the word "methinks".  There was, once upon a time, another word, "think", with a meaning similar to "appear" or "seem".  This still exists on the fringes of antiquity in German, the word "dünken" (to seem) as opposed to the word "denken" (to think).  If linguists are to be trusted, then "denken" (and think) are actually causative forms of this old-fashioned word "dünken" (the "think" in "methinks").
What we are saying, when we say "I think",  is actually  "I make seem",  "I cause to seem",  "I cause to appear".  It is an active creation of an image / an idea in the mind.
What we are saying, when we say "methinks" (and what people still occasionally say in German with "mich dünkt") is   "Seems to me..."
It is also worth noting that these two English verbs were, at some point, spelled differently.  But, over time, their sounds had become so similar that their spellings followed suit and they merged into one word.  Of course, it can't all make sense (God, I mean.. it's English) ...  Think (and denken) are both irregular verbs.  Think-thought-thought  is very irregular.  So, unless it turns out that people used to say "thinked", then the whole rule about causative verbs being regular can't be all that trustworthy.

For some strange reason, I find that fascinating.

So, one last thing.  And this goes back to "hanged" and "hung".  If an executioner hanged a man, and that man hung for two days,  should we say that the man was hung or was hanged?  Methinks (haha) many people answer that question based on whether or not an execution took place, and, though it could lead to the correct answer in that case, it could cause an error in another case.  Behold the causative at work:   Someone hanged a necklace around my neck.  It hung from my neck for years.  Was the necklace hanged by my mother?  Or was the necklace hung by my mother?  In my opinion, a passive "hanging" of this necklace and the aforementioned dead guy must be "was hanged".  A man "was shot".  Someone shot him.  Maybe he shot himself, but, whatever the case, he was the target of a shooting.  He had to have been the object of a sentence:  "The robber shot him"  or  "He shot himself".  There must have been able to have been a subject and an object to express that he was shot.  It's quite tricky, so let's look at another one:   "A hundred trees were felled"   vs.   "A hundred trees were fallen."    In the latter sentence, we are describing the state of the trees with an adjective,  "fallen".  The trees fell (somehow).  Now they are fallen trees.  In the former sentence, we are reporting what happened.  Someone felled them.  They were felled.  Now they are felled trees.

So what are we describing?  The state that something is in? ... or the forces which acted upon that something?
Also, in active sentences, since a causative verb MUST have an object, and a non-causative verb often MAY NOT have an object, could it be so different in passive sentences?

Let's take passive sentences and transform them into active sentences, because I'm just as uncertain as I hope you are.

"The man was shot by the robber."  .....   "The robber shot the man."       Easy.
"The tree was felled by the lumberjack" .....   "The lumberjack felled the tree."      Easy.
"The tree was fallen."  ....    huh?  Wait.  By what?  There can be no causative agent.  "The tree was fallen by...."  No.  It doesn't work.  This is not a passive sentence.  It is a simple description using an adjective.

For redundancy's sake, let's try it a different way.

"The man was shot".   ....  "Who shot the man?"
"The tree was felled"   ...   "Who felled the tree?"
"The tree was fallen"  ...   "Who ..  uh ...  made the tree fall?"

If you can think of a better active sentence for the fallen tree, please comment.  Now, however, I'd like to apply this to the "hanging".

"The man was shot by the robber" ....    "The robber shot the man."
"The man was hanged by the sheriff" ....   "The sheriff hanged the man."
"The man was hung by the sheriff" ....   "The sheriff hung the man."

Can that last example be correct?  In my understanding of "hung/hanged",  no.

"The man was shot" ...  "Who shot the man?"
"The man was hanged" ...  "Who hanged the man?"
"The man was hung" ...  "Who hung the man?"

Blegh.  No way.
For the sake of switching things up, let's try this.

"The man died"
"The tree fell"
"The tree felled"

Obviously, that last one is nonsense.  So how about this?

"The man died"
"The thief hung"
"The thief hanged".

Again, that last one?  It just doesn't work.  The person who "hung" is the one being killed.  The person who "hanged" is the one doing the killing.

I think I've repeated myself enough, now.  Soooo... if you read this to the end, you ought to be rewarded for your patience!
Well, tough luck.

Current Mood: grammatical
Monday, April 15th, 2013
8:39 am
Ich hängte an die Wolken
eine gottgeweihte Kette.
Dank der jugendlichen Blindheit
fand ich meine Friedenstätte.
Trotz der Fülle von Erfolgen
wurde Falke schnell zum Strauß.
Und aus den Flügeln meiner Kindheit
wuchs ich irgendwann heraus.

Es war schrecklich überraschend,
als ich eines Tages wusste,
dass die süße Sorgenfreiheit
meine Welt verlassen musste.
Sowie sich mit kalten Aschen
ausgebrannte Funken legen,
stieß ich auf die harte Zweiheit
meines Offenbarungssegens.

Denn die Wahrheit, einst mein Lehrer,
fing gleich an, den Weg zu trüben.
Und je näher mir das Licht kam,
desto dunkler schien es drüben.
Sogar Freiheit wurde schwerer.
Vor mir lag die leere Strecke.
Ohne Zwänge oder Pflichten
fehlten ebenfalls die Zwecke.

Offenbar hat meine Treue
zu dem nebeligen Morgen
die unweigerliche Nacht
vor meinen Augen längst verborgen.
Nur da oben in der Bläue
wo die Seele sich enthüllt
und wo das Kind in mir noch lacht
wird mir der Lebenstraum erfüllt.

Früher gab es grüne Felder,
wo es nun ein Haufen wächst,
und wo wir Sorgen fallen lassen,
während Hoffnung uns verlässt.
Wir glauben, dass in Bälde
wir die gottgeweihten Ketten
dank des Haufens wieder fassen.
Wenn wir nur noch Flügel hätten...
Sunday, April 20th, 2008
8:19 pm
excerpts from A Book of Five Rings
Cutting, whatever form of cutting it is, is decisive, with a resolute spirit. Slashing is nothing more than touching the enemy. Even if you slash strongly, and even if the enemy dies instantly, it is slashing. When you cut, your spirit is resolved. You must appreciate this. If you first slash the enemy's hands or legs, you must then cut strongly. Slashing is in spirit the same as touching. When you realize this, they become indistinguishable. Learn this well.

...The spirit is to chase the enemies around from side to side, even though they come from all four directions. Observe their attacking order, and go to meet first those who attack first. Sweep your eyes around broadly, carefully examining the attacking order, and cut left and right alternately with your swords. Waiting is bad. Always quickly re-assume your attitudes to both sides, cut the enemies down as they advance, crushing them in the direction from which they attack. Whatever you do, you must drive the enemy together, as if tying a line of fishes, and when they are seen to be piled up, cut them down strongly without giving them room to move.

...The important thing in strategy is to suppress the enemy's useful actions but allow his useless actions. However, doing this alone is defensive. First, you must act according to the Way, suppress the enemy's techniques, foiling his plans, and thence command him directly.

...In single combat, the enemy sometimes loses timing and collapses. If you let this opportunity pass, he may recover and not be so negligent thereafter. Fix your eye on the enemy's collapse, and chase him, attacking so that you do not let him recover. You must do this. The chasing attack is with a strong spirit. You must utterly cut the enemy down so that he does not recover his position. You must understand utterly how to cut down the enemy.

...In the world people tend to think of a robber trapped in a house as a fortified enemy. However, if we think of "becoming the enemy", we feel that the whole world is against us and that there is no escape. He who is shut inside is a pheasant. He who enters to arrest is a hawk. You must appreciate this.
In large-scale strategy, people are always under the impression that the enemy is strong, and so tend to become cautious. But if you have good soldiers, and if you understand the principles of strategy, and if you know how to beat the enemy, there is nothing to worry about.
In single combat also you must put yourself in the enemy's position. If you think, "Here is a master of the Way, who knows the principles of strategy", then you will surely lose. You must consider this deeply.

...indicate that you are about to attack strongly, to discover his resources. It is easy then to defeat him with a different method once you see his resources.

...Many things are said to be passed on. Sleepiness can be passed on, and yawning can be passed on. Time can be passed on also.
In large-scale strategy, when the enemy is agitated and shows an inclination to rush, do not mind in the least. Make a show of complete calmness, and the enemy will be taken by this and will become relaxed. When you see that this spirit has been passed on, you can bring about the enemy's defeat by attacking strongly with a Void spirit.
In single combat, you can win by relaxing your body and spirit and then, catching on the moment the enemy relaxes, attack strongly and quickly, forestalling him.
What is known as "getting someone drunk" is similar to this. You can also infect the enemy with a bored, careless, or weak spirit. You must study this well.

Current Mood: diligent
Saturday, April 12th, 2008
2:35 pm
paraphrased strategy from Master Sun
A general is skillful in attacking  when the enemy does not know what to defend    and skillful in defense when the enemy does not know what to attack.
You can be sure of succeeding in your attacks if you only attack places that are undefended.   You can ensure the safety of your defenses if you only hold positions that cannot be attacked.
Wednesday, February 27th, 2008
11:17 pm
Alex Hoyt  just randomly crafted a wonderful quote that I simply MUST record here, hahahahahaa... awesome.  And completely spur-of-the-moment.

"Cleveland weather is like Cleveland sports,
everyone approaches each year optimistically
even though they know it's going to suck."

Take note, though.    hehehehe ..  .    I loooove Cleveland weather.   still, I couldn't possibly deny how cool that parallel is.
ooor.. maybe I'm just really fucked up right now.

Current Mood: really fucked up right now
Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
11:30 pm
It has been surmised that, perhaps, my lord was like a wild animal that had been kept too long...
Perhaps, but whatever..
so long and unremembered a dream was his.

Current Mood: invincible?
Saturday, September 29th, 2007
10:33 am
My life...?
Currently set to the music of Randy Newman.. singing me through danger... playing me into the future.......

What is there, anyway?  I make the money...  I buy the weapons....  I train and train........ and train.

kinda silly to.. not much reason... but it's fun.

It would seem that all I live for is to write.. I try ferry hart to be writing......  I had a few months of it stolen.. and not backed up...... psh.
so I kinda had to start it over.. .   obviously, many years of it are already here, somewhere... most of it will be cut, but at least it exists.

Danger...  Danger danger danger danger danger danger danger danger danger danger danger danger Danger dAnger daNger Danger danGer dangEr dangeR regnad regnad regnad regnad regnad regnad regnad danger regnad danger regnad daNger DaNger Regnad reGnad 


ah yes.. they rise again...

Current Mood: undead
Thursday, December 29th, 2005
1:56 pm
When are you gonna come down...?
When are you going to land?
I should have stayed on the farm...
I should have listend to my old man.
Monday, December 26th, 2005
12:24 pm
Blah... the other day I was severely injured sledding down the Hill of Disaster. It was fun.
Monday, November 14th, 2005
1:34 pm
So, I had this friend.. and I was friends with him for many years, sticking up for him when people talked shit, and not minding when he decided to talk shit. Well, as it happens to have gone, some time this summer my sleep schedule got shoved forward about nine hours.. and so I was going to sleep around noon and waking up at about 6 in the evening. I had some people who were down to kick it all through the night... and I even had a minor lady-friend (not minor in age, but in significance) who was.. well, sucking up a bit of my time, but it was all good. Business was heavy.. every day, I'd get up.. try to sit around at home and relax, but someone would call... every day. And every day I had to go out on my routine of deliveries and shit.. back and forth, up and down and all around N.E.O., doing favors for people who were busy far out of town. But it was fun.. and I was making a come-up, slowly but surely. As the summer pressed on, occasionally I would end up being done with all my work and still have some gas in my tank.. Usually, if it happened early enough to try to kick it, I was out in Highland Square... so I would place a telephone call to Granger Township using my friend Amy's phone.. or if that wasn't possible, and I had some change, I would use the Stop-N-Go payphone right next to it. I called my dude several times, because I knew he was trying to get ahold of me.. unfortunately, when he was calling me I was already gone, and by the time I got home at night (morning) I couldn't call ANYone.. Well, I would estimate I called his house at least 2 or 3 times a week.. might not sound like many, but I couldn't do it every day.. and though my dude's stepmom answered the phone every time, I'm guessing she never forwarded messages.. hell, maybe he was there when I called but just pretended to not be. a few times, there was neither a cellphone NOR change for the payphone, so I'd just drive up there. Normally, because of gas constraints, I was unable to do that.. it ain't like goin to Perry's where he pays me to drive up there because he knows I'm broke... nope. So.. I'd drive up to this guy's house.. 2 out of 3 times his car was not there. However.... 1 time it WAS there... but by this point in time, it had been quite a while.. and when I went and knocked, he almost didn't answer the door.. finally, after another knock, he answered, and I went in and tried to kick it with him, but clearly he wasn't having it.. sooo, well, what can you do, you know? I had my shit going on for quite a long time. I tried to make time for him then, but our schedules were just too different, so now that I've had plenty of time for quite a while and had my sleep schedule fixed for even longer, he doesn't want to hang out... but I'm not surprised. He suddenly started hating someone years ago for being around too much.. now I'm not around enough and I'm on the list.. and I know how that is... But actually, I don't think it's all him, either... I have this other friend who, "amazingly" ends up being friends with his friends' friends at ironically the same time as his friends' friends stop liking his friends.. it makes me think that he knows how to say just the right thing to get it where everyone is friends with him but no one with each other... Actually, I'm fairly certain this person had something to do with it, just saying a few things, misquoting, misrepresenting, or whatever.. Oh well, maybe that has nothing to do with it.. at this point, I don't really care. I'm getting this out of my system right now, and that will be that. I knew my dude was pissed for a little while, ironically when I actually got him to chill that one time.. he wasn't willing to make amends then, so I stopped trying to call him, deciding maybe he just wanted some time to blow off steam.. nah. What he wanted was to push me farther away so he can feel good when he talks shit about someone who has always been his dude, and would help him out even with how things are at this time. I've heard a lot of people talk shit about this guy in the past, and I was always there telling them off, setting them straight. See, I don't talk shit, because a person who was once my friend is always my friend.. Hell, I went and hung out with Dan and Alex 2 nights ago for the first time in at least 2 or 3 months, and were they upset? NO!!! They were all the happier to see me after such a long time.. that's how it is when people live 5 dollars away. Now this dude doesn't live 5 dollars away.. more like 3.. but unfortunately that was still too much for me on most days.. and the days that it was possible, he wasn't there. And even before all that crap, when I was still talking to this dude, I could never get him to go anywhere... believe it or not, I actually have a good amount of friends, and just about all of them are cool with everyone else.. unfortunately, he's one of those who refused to go anywhere but his own house.. that caused many days to be impossible for me to chill with him, especially when I invited him to take part in my campaign.. it was a "hell no" from him, and so when I'm out doing that shit, of course I'm not going to try to get him to go.. but ah well... now, after this shit was all said and done, I knew he'd been pissed for a little while.. cause I had actually seen him once or twice in between the last times I had hung out at his house.. I saw him at another friend's house.. of course, that doesn't count as hanging out.. pft. He was acting shady right then and there, and even before that I had a hunch... soo.. well, let's suppose he is actually a good friend and is willing to accept people's mistakes.. I start trying to call him again.. Oop! Looks like his old phone isn't working anymore.. ah, as it turns out, he has a new number.. Certainly, then, if this guy had any desire whatsoever to save the friendship, he would have at least found a way to get me his new number so I could at least have the opportunity to call and apologize.. And I would, too.. Normally I wouldn't apologize, like if it's a bitch or something.. but when it comes to a friend who was my dude for years and years... you know. But now, what's it matter? I'm about to leave all this shit behind. You know.. ironically, this dude had one method by which he could have gotten ahold of me with sure ease.. and this is it, right here.. I know he read my shit online quite often.. my email address is easy to find, as is my screen name... and this right here one could reply to if they had any desire.. but the way I see it, this dude doesn't even want to be my friend, so what's the point in trying? I've been postponing this entry for a long time, because I've been waiting for the opportunity to explain this shit to him in person or on the phone, but clearly that isn't going to happen, so here it is.. at this point I'm sure he wouldn't even give a shit. Really, if I had to describe this whole situation and attribute a cause to it, other than my being busy, I would say it's just utter selfishness. I am not obligated to kick it with anyone. I was financially indebted to a few people, and so I would HAVE to go see them and take care of some shit for them just about every day, but most of my friends are mature enough to understand that you can't please all the people all the time. I don't mind admitting that I wasn't hanging out with some people as much as they think I should have, or even as much as I wanted to, but I can't change the past. Some people are so STUCK in the past, that anything that ever upset them is permanent.. like getting a bad gyro from the Indian Mart... they were good every time before that.. but just one time, someone fucks it up and so you'll never get it again. Well, if that's how friends are to be treated, then I'm glad it happened now and not later. I mean, come on... This is all a matter of mathematics... me and my friend kick it... 1 x 2 = 2.. I help my friend out.. 2 x 2 = 4 .. my friend helps me out... 4 x 2 = 8... steadily, you can see the friendship is getting better and better.. we do a million favors for each other and all of a sudden the number is 400.. a big number, representing good friendship... Now, something bad happens.. in my book, that's a subtraction... so.. 400 - 2... 398. No big deal. It would take a billion bad things to erase a million good things from my mind.. but for some reason, some people like to multiply, always... instead of 400 - 2, it is... 400 x -2 = -800.. so, yeah.. no matter how big a number gets, multiplying by a negative number will always make it negative.. that's just how some people are... you can do everything good for them for 10 years, but 2 months of something bad and it's as if we were never friends at all.. That's it.

Current Mood: sorry for long entry
Friday, November 11th, 2005
12:35 pm
maaan, fuck it
Monday, November 7th, 2005
11:48 am
So, who can tell me what can be created with the following ingredients?

sound of a cat's footstep, beard of a woman, roots of a mountain, bear's sinews, fish breath, and bird spit.
10:10 am
So, if you haven't watched the Tony Danza show...
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
8:31 pm
When animals attack! (warning, long entry)
The past few days have been strange ones because of the weather.. I was on a ridiculous adventure down in my usual spot.. because of the constant rain, the snaking stream which I normally cross 5 times to get to my hill were overflowing and rough.. So, I had to take a path up and down this pretty steep hill to get around to the back, where I'd only have to cross it twice.. but this part was equally deep and wide, so I gathered up tree limbs and shit to make a bridge... Well, it worked to a degree.. I managed to find a spot where a rock was against each side of the stream.. got a few long branches/dead trees across, though it was not perfect... I got to my spot anyway, feet somewhat wet. I climbed up this very steep side of my hill where there's nothing to grab onto, and since it was raining steadily, it was nothing but mud, yet with the help of some vines I made it to the top.. blah blah blah.. once up there, I secured some big huge fallen trees with a vine, then went halfway down the hill and pulled them down (in a cluster of trees so as to not fall/get hit) Then, when they were down there, I realized they were waaay too heavy to get over to the stream, so .. well, screw it.. that is when I noticed a strange piece of bark lying around on the side of the hill.. I grabbed it and threw it down.. it survived the fall, so it was worthy... I started to go down the hill, rappelling with a vine, suddenly.. the damn thing just gave up on me, and I went flying down the hill, probably a good 9 feet before I stopped myself on one of the fallen trees. Got a bit muddy, but it was worth it, for I then brought the piece of bark back and put it on top of my bridge, and amazingly it proved to be just perfect for the job. So, I crossed again, this time staying dry.
Now, if you're still reading this entry, maybe you have a problem in your life, because it is extremely long and surely you see it is still going further below this point, but, if you find this interesting, then I commend you. So, I left there... got some dry clothes... and I eventually went out to Silvercreek with BBB (that's triple B, by the way). We were back on some trail, and it was late.. we finally picked a spot to chill, and stopped.. and.. suddenly there was some russling in the woods, as if a large animal were darting around.. it stopped quite close to where we were standing and made a strange mutated sheep-like noise... "breeuuuaaaaaahhh" Instinctually, we began backing away.. and suddenly we heard a car behind us in the parking lot... a door slammed.. gasp! peeking through the leaves I could see the tail-lights of a Crown Vic.. a light flashed around through the woods, then suddenly the vehicle drove off... Yet, still, we felt as though someone might have gotten out and been creeping around... in both directions, danger! One much more interesting than the other.. I was armed and wanted to confront the strange mutated sheep.. but, BBB wanted to head back, so we did..
Then, today, I decided to go back to my spot.. and, umm.. I did. It was just as rainy, but the water was even worse and mud mud mud everywhere! However, amazingly I did not get nearly as dirty because I knew where to go and what to do.. I went to my bridge, and it was still there, though sunken by the water... I tried to cross it, got a little wet, then pried the bark up with my walking/crossing stick (never did mention that, but it's still there) and got it in perfect working order... once across, I went back to the hill that the vine both helped and hurt me on.. this time not having a vine, I used those fallen trees to get up there... chilled.. got back down (story is accelerating).. suddenly I'm leaving this place exhausted... drive away... relaxing... aaaahhhh...shit, someone's trying to pass me!! I look over, it's a deer! somehow trying to pass me as I'm going like 45.. jumps from the left side of the road directly in front of me... RRrRRrrrrrRRRRrRRrRRRrR! brake and swerve.. narrowly avoiding disaster! I could see his tail-hairs bristling in my headlights!! okay, the story's over. Sorry. Bad ending.
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
10:52 am
In a small room I think big..
in a big room I think small..
In an open field, my mind is cluttered..
in a dense forest, my thoughts are clear..
Monday, October 17th, 2005
2:57 pm
Soo.. Friday night, around 8:30 p.m., I drove down to North Carolina.. Perry followed me in Joe's car. In Virginia we took an hour break, then continued, eventually arriving by about 8:30 a.m Saturday... we slept for another hour or two in Joe's barracks, then went to the beach for a long time.. unfortunately I stepped on something ridiculous and cut the bottom of my foot quite badly.. but it was still fun.. we fought the high tide and got our asses kicked many times... other than my foot I also ended up with my knees all cut up from getting thrown to the ocean floor by the waves... Perry ended up getting his back all fucked up by similar circumstances.. Then, after the beach, we went to a strip bar that Joe frequents.. I sat around kinda bored for a while, but it was amusing watching Joe and Perry having some fun with playboy playmate Natasha Stone.. they even got a picture with her! Semi-tasteful.... hahaha. Sooo... Joe inherited a hotel room that night, and we went and slept for about 6 hours there.. then, 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning we awoke and started on our journey back with just my car... I don't know why, but I decided to drive the whole way, didn't take any breaks... we got stuck in a traffic jam for an hour and a half (and only travelled about a mile in that time) on 77, but, sure enough, to make it a nice round number we made it back home by 8:30 p.m... thus, the trip was 48 hours in all.. 24 driving, 24 not.. and that's the story. I guess driving to North Carolina with only a couple of days' notice is a bit whimsical, but I don't regret it, even though I can barely walk now.

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Sunday, October 9th, 2005
12:20 pm
Well, yesterday was the tournament.. Jeff and I drove over an hour each way and paid twenty bucks to get our ASSES handed to us repeatedly... and ironically, we had the best training and learning before/after/and in between the tournament fights... We did win a few battles, and I frightened some people with Mr. Game and Watch.. You see, it was supposed to go.. Doubles (2 vs 2).. Singles (1 vs 1) then Low tier (worst characters 1 vs 1) In preparation for this, I did a lot of practicing with my favorite Low Tier characters... So... in singles, people are using like... Fox, Sheik, Samus, Falco, Marth.. obviously all the best characters.. every time I tried to fight them on the same level, it was almost always a failure.. so I just started using Mr. Game and Watch, who's considered to be one of the very very worst... and amazingly, I was whooping ass with him.. all things considered... buuut, he didn't save the day... However, I put the fear of Game & Watch into people, and there wasn't another person there who seemed that would stand a chance when they had to pick crappy characters (that's the big difference between them and us.. me and Jeff use everyone.. they just pick a couple great chars and work on them all day long).. and guess what they decided to do.. Cancel the low tier tournament.. D'oh! Apparently not enough people were willing to pay the whole 5 dollar fee, even though singles and doubles were $10 and $20 respectively. Man, that bothers me, though... cause the whole day I was thinking.. "Well, these guys are amazing, but I've not yet seen them use any chars but the most obvious best. I think I can take em in low tier." And so I spent about 14 hours out there thinking that.. and then they canceled it. Blergh. Oh well.. Me and Jeff had no idea about how these people fight, and we don't have anyone but each other to train with.. however, now that we HAVE faced these guys, we know what we need to practice.. not so much to use, but to get used to fighting against it.

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Monday, September 26th, 2005
2:41 pm
Edmund Fitzgerald anyone?Collapse )

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
2:25 pm
The whispers I hear with my cognitive ear
wrack my thoughts with a deep apprehension.
A few of them say there's no end to the days,
while another one speaks of redemption.

My subconscious knows that within me there grows
both the wise and the foolish perspective,
but try as I may I can't brush one away
for it's folly to not be objective.
Friday, September 9th, 2005
1:13 pm
I wonder how difficult it would be to recite the alphabet in any order other than the usual and reverse... I wonder.
Well, that's a mix of both orders, so it doesn't entirely count.
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